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Meet our new singer!

Meet our new Lead singer, Valtteri Heiskanen! We just finished our first studio session an hour ago. We re-recorded The Alliance with him to give you people something new and shiny. We will publish the song in the near future so stay tuned!

And the wheels keep on turnin’

Yesterday our guitar player decided that he will not continue with us but setbacks haven’t bring us down before. We will maintain the course and heading. Our session singer is now session guitarist and we have just confirmed a new singer in our ranks! A talented guy with motivation. We will begin to plan our […]

Waking up!

Hey ho! We have found a new guitar player! Great guitarist and a laid back feller with a good spirit. We are also rehearsing for upcoming gigs in autumn, so you will finally be able to see us live. Dates are to be published in the near future. We have 3 session musicians who were […]