We are looking for musicians between ages of 20 and 35 with a professional touch and adequate experience in a music scene. We expect you to have enough experience (years) on gigging to be able to conduct your duties on stage and off stage independently and professionally.


Although we require these basic skills and properties in order to fulfill our dreams, we also like to point out that no virtuosity is required (nor is it a disadvantage) since we are not virtuosos ourselves. We are more than happy as long as you have control over your instrument well enough in order to play our music. You are more than welcome to compose new songs and lyrics as long as they fit in with our style. You may also take part in arranging.


Since we are using backtrack the drummer has to be able to play with a clicktrack. Backtrack operation is at the hands of the drummer.


Contacts via email: Tuukkanurmiaro@gmail.com