The Celesti Alliance Story so far...


The idea or the concept of Celesti Alliance was born at least a decade before it actually saw daylight under the name of Celesti Alliance. There were various songs, melodies and lyrics that had been lying in the drawer for years. In the late Autumn of 2012 Tuukka Nurmi-Aro finally took the first step to create a band that would position somewhere in between power metal and classic hard rock. The first attempt didn't yield results but it wasn't until the spring of 2013 that the second try took place and the first line up was actually born. This lasted until the end of year 2013. The recordings of a promo album started in the spring of 2014 and a 3-song promo CD was released in July. The second line up of Celesti Alliance was created in the autumn of 2014. This lasted a few months only to crash and burn. The recordings of the first official EP started in the early 2015. Celesti has since defined it´s style as a melodic hard rock. The EP was released on 31.8.2015 under the name "Eagle´s Nest". The band started to build a mark 3- line up in the autumn of 2015.

Building a solid line up proved to be a bit more challenging than anticipated at first. Having tried a few musicians and starting to rehearse for the debut live gig with session members, Nurmi-Aro found the singer he had been looking for in Spring 2016. He hooked up with Valtteri Heiskanen (ex-Crimson Day) from Tampere and the two instantly found a common understanding. During summer 2016, aside from rehearsing for the debut gig, Celesti Alliance recruited drummer Niko Hienonen, a true talent and a student of Kai Hahto (Nightwish, Wintersun), and bassist Andrea Ferrantelli (Quantum Prana, Silent Fusion). Shortly after band’s debut gig in Bar Rock Bear with All Rise, they found the missing piece of the puzzle when guitarist Kalle Pöyskö, also from Tampere, joined the ranks.

Now, having a line up full of talent and motivation, Celesti Alliance is ready to take a step to an entirely new level. The end of 2016 will include intense songwriting for an upcoming release as well as few more live performances.

The alliance is strong!
This wait has been so long!
Our time has come to rise!