Upcoming gigs

No gigs booked at the moment.

Past gigs

-14.07.2018 Summer Coast Festival 2018, Mynämäki, Finland. With Luuvitonen, Viper Arms, Aces DC and Helle Band.
-16.06.2018 Summer Coast Pop-Up 2018, Puutori, Turku, Finland. With Aces DC.
-12.05.2018 Paratiisi Pub, Turenki, Finland. With Machinæ and Ghosts of The Void.
-28.04.2018 Maanalainen, Tampere, Finland. With The Vale and All Rise.
-14.04.2018 Välibaari, Lempäälä, Finland. With Jari Tiura.
-31.03.2017 Välibaari, Lempäälä, Finland. With Silver Bullet and Dystocracy.
-16.03.2017 Jack The Rooster, Tampere, Finland. With Excalion.
-26.11.2016 Valga Rockiklubi, Valga, Estonia. With Machinæ and Kolmteist.
-25.11.2016 Cafe Leningrad, Riga, Latvia. With Machinæ.
-24.11.2016 Wirre, Pärnu, Estonia. With Machinæ.
-23.11.2016 F.U.B.A.R. Rock Club, Tallinn, Estonia. With Machinæ.
-02.09.2016 Bar Rock Bear, Vantaa Finland. With All Rise.